5# How Easy Are SoTellUs Automated Review Invites?

SoTellUs automated review invites makes it easy for businesses to ask customers for reviews by sending out personalized invitations automatically.

Customers can leave feedback in less than 30 seconds, with clear instructions on where to leave their reviews. The platform makes it simple by sending invitations to all customers with just a few clicks or by uploading a CSV file.

By integrating with different software, it speeds up the process, increasing review completion rates by nearly 95%.

Live Chat Support and Feedback Analysis Tools are also available to enhance the customer experience. Improve how you collect feedback and interact with customers on various platforms efficiently with SoTellUs.

As a bystander, yet working closely with another side of the business on article creation. I have witnessed hundreds of companies that already use SoTellUs reviews, and the So Tell Us App to generate the SoTellUs automated review invites.

So, some word of advice, don’t get left behind, and be the first business locally to you, to take full advantage.

Article Highlights

  • Get personalized invites for quick feedback.
  • Invite all clients efficiently with our automated system.
  • Easily integrate with over 3,000 software programs.
  • Enjoy extra services like Live Chat Support and Feedback Analysis Tools.
  • Boost review completion rates by almost 95% with SoTellUs automated review invites.

Individual SoTellUs automated review invites

Easily ask your clients for reviews using the SoTellUs app. Clients get personalized invitations right away, so they can leave feedback quickly. It only takes them less than 30 seconds to leave a review, making it super convenient for everyone.

You can also guide clients to specific review sites with ease. SoTellUs app makes it safe and simple to ask for feedback from individual clients. Getting instant feedback is important for businesses to grow and keep a good reputation, and SoTellUs makes it easy for you.

Invite All Clients Efficiently

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New Customers Come With SoTellUs Automated Review Invites

Businesses can easily invite all their clients for feedback using the SoTellUs platform‘s automated invite system. With just a few clicks, businesses can send out review invites to all clients at once.

By simply uploading a CSV file with client names and contact information, businesses can quickly reach out to all clients for SoTellUs automated review invites. This makes it simple and saves time, ensuring that every client is included in the feedback request.

The automated invite system from SoTellUs offers a convenient and efficient way to connect with all clients simultaneously, making it easier for businesses to gather feedback and improve their services.

Seamless SoTellUs Integration

SoTellUs smoothly works with over 3,000 software programs to help businesses send SoTellUs automated review invites more efficiently. It connects with popular software like Salesforce and Quickbooks Online through automation using Zapier. This seamless integration lets businesses automatically send review invites after interacting with clients, increasing review completion rates by almost 95%.

Additional Customer Experience Services

Rewards from automated invites
Get The ROI In No Time With SoTellUs Automated Review Invites

At SoTellUs, we offer extra services to make your customer experience even better. These services help you engage with customers and get feedback in real-time and thus achieve web success .

  • Live Chat Support: Talk to customers right away to answer their questions.
  • Feedback Analysis Tools: Use customer reviews to improve your business.
  • Personalized Customer Support: Get tailored help to ensure every interaction with customers is positive and helpful.


Can SoTellUs Customize the Review Invite Messages for Individual Clients Based on Their Interactions With the Business?

Yes, SoTellUs can create SoTellUs automated review invites and invitation messages for each client based on how they interact with the business. This means that the messages can be personalized to each client’s experience, making it more engaging and getting better feedback. It’s an effective way to communicate and build good relationships with clients.

Does SoTellUs Provide Analytics on the Effectiveness of Review Invites, Such as Open Rates and Conversion Rates?

SoTellUs is great at keeping track of how many people open your review invites and figuring out how many of them actually leave a review. This data helps businesses see how well their invites are working and make smart choices to better engage with customers.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Number of Review Invites That Can Be Sent Out to Clients in a Given Timeframe?

You can send out review invites to clients on SoTellUs without any limits. This means you can reach out to clients as often as you like to get their feedback. We make it easy for businesses to connect with their clients and gather valuable reviews at their own pace.

Can Businesses Schedule Review Invites to Be Sent Out at Specific Times or Dates to Optimize Response Rates?

Businesses can send review invites at specific times to get more responses from customers. By choosing the right time, they can make the messages more personal and engaging. This helps businesses interact better with customers and get feedback faster.

How Does SoTellUs Ensure the Security and Privacy of Client Contact Information Used for Sending Out Review Invites?

To keep your information safe, SoTellUs uses strong security measures and protocols to protect client contact details. We make sure all client information is encrypted and stored safely. We have strict access controls and regular checks to prevent anyone unauthorized from getting access to sensitive data.

Get The Most from SoTellUs Automated Review Invites

In short, SoTellUs makes it easy for businesses to ask customers for reviews, making the feedback process simple and efficient. By sending out SoTellUs automated review invites individually, using automated systems, and integrating everything smoothly, businesses can quickly get important feedback from clients.

So, how will businesses use this tool from SoTellUs to make their customer experience and reputation even better? Get ready to Grow Your Business with SoTellUs today!