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Want to grow your business? SoTellUs gets five-star ratings and auto posts video reviews on Google, and Facebook to boost your online reputation.

Engage with customers using tools like chat boxes and email check-ins. Collect reviews easily, both star ratings and videos, to increase credibility, increase link juice and interact with customers. Our website is user-friendly for collecting reviews directly.

Encourage clients to share their positive experiences through video reviews and referral program. Improve the customer experience, and share these reviews to build trust with potential customers. Use our automated marketing tools for review requests and special offers to drive new customers effectively.

Learn more on how to grow your business with SoTellUs!

I have seen the impact of this app and service from Troy and Trevor Howard. It helps take your social media sharing to another level, and boosts your SEO services a little bit better than many other new services you find in the digital marketing world.

Article Highlights

  • Get more 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp with video testimonials.
  • Respond quickly to feedback to build a strong reputation and attract more customers.
  • Keep customers engaged with an improved customer experience, and features like chat boxes and email check-ins.
  • Easily gather reviews, star ratings, and videos from happy customers.
  • Use automated tools to bring in new customers, grow your business and save time.


Using SoTellUs services can make a big difference to grow your business and improve online reputation quickly and effectively. By collecting video reviews and getting five-star ratings, businesses can build trust and confidence with customers. 

Positive reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp not only bring in more customers but also show off how great your services are.

With SoTellUs, it’s easy to handle feedback and give quick support to customers. This not only helps your business grow but also strengthens your online reputation with an improved customer experience. The platform’s chat box and regular email check-ins make gathering reviews easy and fast. SoTellUs is great at helping businesses stand out online.

Enhance Customer Engagement

To make customers more involved and grow your business, SoTellUs gives businesses the tools to get a variety of reviews quickly and keep talking to their clients. By using video reviews, businesses can increase customer interaction and build better relationships with them.

Good reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, and others are key to boosting customer engagement. SoTellUs helps businesses collect video, audio, and written reviews soon after providing great service, making customer relationships stronger.

Features like chat boxes on websites and regular email check-ins also help grow your business and help businesses stay connected with customers. By using these tools from SoTellUs, businesses can create a friendly and interactive atmosphere that keeps customers engaged and happy.

Rapid Review Accumulation

Grow your business with sotellus positive reviews
One More Positive Review To Grow Your Business

With SoTellUs, grow your business and quickly gather customer reviews to boost your online presence and reputation. The SoTellUs platform helps businesses collect star reviews and video reviews easily, showing off the great experiences customers have had.

By using SoTellUs to collect feedback, businesses can rapidly get reviews from happy customers, boosting their credibility and trustworthiness online. This simple process ensures that businesses can handle their reviews well, improving their overall reputation and customer interaction.

SoTellUs makes it easy to collect and organize customer feedback, allowing businesses to share their clients’ positive experiences promptly.

Exceptional Customer Support

SoTellUs has a great customer support team that helps businesses quickly and always with a smile. The team is there to answer any questions and make sure customers are happy. Businesses love how fast and helpful the support team is.

By giving such great support, SoTellUs makes customers happy and keeps them coming back. This kind of service makes the whole experience better and builds strong relationships.

Whether they’re helping with reviews or resolving any problems, SoTellUs’ support team is here to help grow your business and succeed to make customers feel taken care of. 

Countless potential customer support industries watch the SoTellUs Time YouTube Channel for industry insights. 

Accessible Website Interface

Boost your online reputation
Monitor Your Online Reputation with SoTellUs

Browsing the SoTellUs website is super easy thanks to its user-friendly interface. This makes it simple for businesses to find what they need and check out reviews quickly as you grow your business, you can do the same.

The website’s interface is easy to use, so businesses can navigate easily, learn about services, and read customer feedback without any trouble. They can also easily manage feedback and reviews in one place.

Customers can leave their reviews right on the website, making the process smoother for everyone. With the SoTellUs website’s user-friendly interface, businesses can handle feedback better, improve their online reputation, and connect well with customers. This makes sure that everyone has a great experience using the platform.

Video Review Platform

Adding video reviews to your business strategy can really help build trust with customers and boost your online reputation. Grow your business the easy way.

SoTellUs is the best video review platform out there because it ensures that all feedback is real. Customers love watching video reviews more than reading written ones because they’re more convincing.

Quick Review Collection

Switching to using SoTellUs for collecting reviews quickly is a game-changer for businesses that want instant feedback from happy and loyal customers. With SoTellUs, businesses can easily get video, audio, and written reviews after providing great service, making their clients’ experience even better.

This fast and effective review collection process helps to increase consumer trust by showing real feedback right away. By using features like SoTellUs chat (Live Chat) boxes on websites and regular email check-ins, SoTellUs makes it simple for businesses to handle and boost positive reviews.

The comprehensive platform of SoTellUs focuses on helping businesses build trust through video reviews, allowing them to improve their potential impact, and online reputation to connect during their new customer journey. Take advantage and grow your business the same way.

Showcase Reviews With Widget

We can easily make our website look better and more trustworthy by showing real customer reviews using the SoTellUs Widget. When we showcase reviews with the Widget, we can:

Boost Credibility: Showing good reviews and customer satisfaction helps people trust us more and see that we care about giving them a great experience, and leads to business growth.

Enhance Engagement: When we share real stories from customers, more people will want to check out a small business website and learn about what we offer.

Drive Conversions: Having many positive reviews visible can help us get more sales because customers are more likely to pick a business with a great reputation, and that displays many personal touchpoints. Now, you can grow your business as easily.

Manage Reviews Efficiently

To manage reviews effectively and build trust with any potential client, businesses can use SoTellUs. SoTellUs review sites makes it easy to collect and monitor feedback by gathering video, audio, and written reviews. These reviews can be shared on platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and BBB.

SoTellUs helps businesses get positive reviews and lets them manage and monitor customer feedback efficiently. By using video reviews, SoTellUs boosts consumer trust, making it simpler for businesses to create a strong online reputation.

With SoTellUs, businesses can handle reviews well, increase their credibility, and create positive relationships with customers, leading to growth and success.

Automated Review Invites

Automated invites to grow your business
SoTellUs App Running Your Business

Easily grow your business and boost your review collection process with SoTellUs’ automatic review requests, making it simple for businesses and customers.

  • Send review automated invites.
  • Connect with over 3,000 apps to make client invites smoother.
  • Boost efficiency by sending automatic invites to many clients at once.

Special Perks for Joining

Switching from the benefits of automated review invites, if you sign up for SoTellUs, you’ll get special perks that make your experience even better and give you more value for your membership.

When you join, you become a star in the SoTellUs community. You’ll get cool stuff like webinars only for members where you can learn cool things and ask questions live. You are never left to grow your business alone.

You can also show off your clients’ experiences with video reviews, which makes sharing feedback more fun. As a member, you can also chat with other fans and experts in the industry, getting exclusive info and behind-the-scenes content.

These perks don’t just make your membership better, they also help your business grow.

Support for Businesses

Businesses that use SoTellUs get lots of help to make their online reputation and customer connections better. Here’s how SoTellUs can boost your business:

Real Video Reviews: SoTellUs makes sure all the video testimonials you get are genuine and trustworthy to help grow your business.

Awesome 5-Star Reviews: With SoTellUs, it’s simple to gather great reviews on different platforms, making your business look fantastic and attracting new customers.

Happy Customers Faster: By using SoTellUs, businesses can make happy customers turn into super fans quickly with the awesome video testimonials they provide to help grow your business.

Generate More Referrals

Moving on smoothly from building stronger connections with customers, let’s talk about how SoTellUs can help you get more referrals by using social media strategies.

SoTellUs encourages your happiest clients to share their experiences through video reviews, showing off your top-notch service to potential customers. Many clients prefer watching videos instead of reading reviews, making SoTellUs a valuable tool for reaching more people.

By using these video testimonials, businesses can significantly boost their referral rates and online presence. SoTellUs makes it easy to manage and keep track of these reviews, so businesses can focus on providing great service while the platform handles building their reputation.

Count on SoTellUs to assist you in getting more referrals and grow your business effectively.

Drive New Customers

Want more customers to grow your business? SoTellUs can help by collecting and sharing awesome reviews from happy clients. Here’s how we can bring in new customers:

  • Show Off Your Great Service: Share amazing video reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and BBB to let everyone know how awesome your service is.
  • Use Video Reviews: Videos reviews are super important for gaining trust with potential customers.
  • Take Control: SoTellUs makes it easy to manage reviews, boost your online reputation, and attract more customers.

Automated Marketing Tools

SoTellUs’ automated marketing tools make it easy to grow your business. We can send out review requests and special offers to customers without lifting a finger. This ensures top-notch service and helps us get great feedback and attract new clients effortlessly.

Video reviews are better than written ones because they give customers a richer experience. SoTellUs tools help us reach more people and connect better with our audience, all while saving time.

Video reviews can really impress potential customers, so why not try them out to stand out and boost your business? This is much better than just a written review, and will improve your Google ranking juice.


How Does SoTellUs Ensure the Authenticity of the Reviews Collected on Their Platform?

Trevor Howard emphasizes it is really important for them to ensure that reviews are real. We check reviews on our site prudently to ensure they are from real customers. We have strict rules in place to ensure that every review is honest and trustworthy to protect each business owner.

Can Businesses Customize the Review Invitation Process to Fit Their Brand’s Tone and Style?

Sure, we can change the way we ask for reviews to suit our brand’s vibe. This makes sure that all our messages to customers sound like us and show our brand’s personality in every review request.

What Type of Support Does SoTellUs Offer to Businesses in Terms of Responding to Customer Reviews?

When customers leave reviews, we provide quick and personalized help. Our team ensures that we acknowledge and respond to each review thoughtfully. We also help you create good responses to keep your customers happy.

Are There Any Additional Features or Tools Available on the SoTellUs Platform That Can Help Businesses Stand Out From Competitors?

SoTellUs has cool tools that can help businesses be better than their competitors. These include customizable review widgets and powerful analytics. 

With these features, businesses can showcase their online presence and build a good reputation, which helps attract and retain customers.

How Does SoTellUs Assist Businesses in Leveraging Customer Reviews to Drive More Traffic and Conversions to Their Website?

Using customer reviews can help bring more people to your website and increase sales. We’ve seen how feedback can make a big difference by building trust, bringing in new customers, and boosting your website’s visibility on any search engine, Google reviews, and social media sites. 

SoTellUs is here to help businesses grow by using the power of reviews, and the ability to give a new customer a special offer. Find out why customer reviews matter. There is lots to learn about how to grow your business, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Get the Best Results for Business Growth

In short, lead management from SoTellUs has a significant impact on helping local business in two key ways:

  1. They make it easy to collect reviews quickly and offer great customer service, and a simplified marketing experience.
  2. With their user-friendly website and marketing tools, businesses can get more referrals and attract new customers right from the initial communication.

Let SoTellUs change how you grow your business starting today with the correct plan for your business.